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Thousands of mortgage bankers are out there. Only a few can take you to the next level.

We'll connect you with them.

Warehouseline.com is driven by bankers, for bankers, with the ultimate goal of growth. We help correspondents seeking warehouse lines. We help warehouse platforms find new partnerships. We help wholesale lenders find productive brokerages. We create dynamic new partnerships that otherwise would never have happened. All leading to success.

But Warehouseline.com is so much more than just a modern-day matchmaker. We've also built our own successful lending firms and banking brands. So, while building pathways to success is our primary business, we help our clients in many other ways, like understanding what the right partnership entails or what the best line for you looks like. We can help you maximize your product mix; build an exit strategy or decide whether or not to sell your MSR.

Mortgage lending success begins, however, with relationships. The right relationships. Warehouseline.com uses a resource set unlike any other to put our clients in front of the banking partner that's best for them.

Why do you need Warehouseline.com?

Even in an age of metrics-driven decisions, the mortgage industry remains one of relationships. But the “good old days” of dinner and a ballgame are fading away. Today's warehouse lender has neither the time nor the inclination to take meetings or slowly build relationships over months and years without some kind of return.

Warehouseline.com accelerates the partnership process, delivering our clients to the doorstep of success. TPO lenders still need correspondents and brokerages to grow their businesses. Downstream lenders and brokerages want warehouse and wholesale partners who deliver resources and make it easier for the front lines to originate. Warehouseline.com has the savvy to weed out the pretenders; understand the needs of both potential partners; then make a connection that sticks.

Whether your business is growing and needs additional warehouse lines, or you're questioning your existing relationships, let's start with a short conversation. Chances are, we'll have someone in mind for you by the end of the call!


WarehouseLine.com has decades of experience soliciting and maintaining warehouse lending correspondent relationships in order to facilitate warehouse lending services to mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, and financial services companies. As with anything else in the wholesale and warehouse lending industry, it all starts with a short conversation. What are we waiting for?

Bruce Reichstein
Bruce Reichstein
Tel: 832-786-0742‬

Bruce's skill set is founded upon a unique blend of three decades of mortgage lending experience and the ability to build and manage consumer-facing websites, such as VALoans.com. He has served, among other leadership roles, as Chairman of the Board for a federally-insured bank. He has worked with the leading warehouse lending and wholesale lending firms.

But Bruce's most demonstrable talent has always been in the role of facilitator, connector or dealmaker in conversation with clients, partners and potential business connections. After 30 years of collaboration, there are few mortgage lenders or brokers Bruce can't reach at a moment's notice.

Bruce brought WarehouseLine.com into being in 1999 as a resource to the mortgage industry for funding, brokerage and consultation of warehouse lending services. While the site has evolved to reflect the dramatic changes propelling the industry in recent years, its core function is still to connect sophisticated financial services firms with warehouse lenders for temporary financing on already-originated, single-family residential dwellings.


We've got the experience to know exactly what your best possible partner looks like. We've got the network to make it happen now. Here are just a few scenarios where we can propel you to your objectives or overcome persistent obstacles:

1. Correspondent lenders which need new (or more) warehouse lines.

2. Warehouse banks that allow specialized loans to be written such as one-time close; fix and flip; one to five million dollar NQM loans for their smaller net worth clients.

3. Financial services firms that need working capital.

4. Retail bankers seeking to grow by locating/retaining the best loan officer talent nationwide.

5. Correspondent lenders discovering their current warehouse fit isn't optimal.

6. Lenders of all types which need the right partner to grow/expand their product offerings.

7. Financial services firms of all types and sizes that need capital infusion—on the best terms.

8. Financial services firms thinking about selling…now, or in the long run… plus related consulting to preserve and maximize that strategy.


Warehouseline.com doesn't dwell on theory or hypotheticals. We have the network we do because there are few scenarios we haven't dealt with before. Here's just a sampling of the successful portfolio we've built through the years.

1. Ignited a revenue increase for a wholesale lender with the addition of $100 million/month of product from a new connection with a large, previously “unknown” non-issuing banker.

2. Collaborated with numerous warehouse lenders and correspondents to craft unique warehouse lines, resulting in new business and growth.

3. Repeatedly leveraged our national network of lending executives to bring a warehouse line to various non-bank lenders that had unsuccessfully sought them for years. The new relationships usually led to sustained productivity and regularly lasted years after the original line.

4. Introduced numerous clients to a variety of options within the field of Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) to harness working capital for their operations.

5. Brought together numerous local community banks with larger warehouse mortgage lenders to spawn a wide variety of partnerships and paths to growth.

The bottom line for us is your bottom line.