A warehouse line is a revolving line of credit in which a mortgage banker arranges for a loan from a warehouse lender. The original note from the loan is kept by the warehouse lender while the rest of the documents go to the mortgage banker, who then offers it for sale.
Our company is pleased to have this opportunity to assist you with a safe, stable and reliable mortgage warehouse funding program. We are experts at warehousing residential mortgage loans for the time period between closing the loan and the final resale into the secondary market and allow loan closings in all states. We offer personalized service and are strongly committed to the needs of our mortgage warehouse clients. We hope your participation in this program will be both smooth and profitable.

Most companies have unique characteristics concerning their companies and want to speak directly to our company. We allow you to go directly to the top and speak with the President of the company.

  • Our entire warehouse line program is managed by mortgage bankers.

  • We warehouse and fund all A paper products which include FHA, VA, conventional and jumbo loans. Approvals for funding include direct endorsement (FHA), VA automatic or prior approved (VA), DU and LP.

  • There are no legal preparation fees, no annual renewal fees or no non-usage fees to pay with obtaining this warehouse line.

  • The average time for approval after receiving a complete package is approximately two weeks or less.

  • We only require that you fax or email us the key documents needed 24 hours prior to the funding. No need to overnight us a complete package. We also offer same day funding requests at no additional charge.

  • The amount of the line requested is determined by the performance of the company. We do require a minimum audited net worth of $1,000,000.

  • The funding percentage on each "A" loan is up to 100% of the loan amount. There is no "haircut" in these instances.

  • There are no set net worth ratio's to establish the warehouse line amount.

  • This is a non-directed line, which means you do not have to sell the loans to one investor. You can sell them to any one of the investors on our approved investor list.

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